Digital Billboards

Digital billboard advertising is often updated instantly and targets precisely desired demographic audiences. These Digital Billboards are seen in major markets throughout the United States as well as internationally, and provide entertainment, news, weather, sports, and targeted advertising to consumers.


TVMG #2A TUMON, 20′ W x 10′ H


TVMG #2B TUMON 20′ W x 10′ H




  • Use – National and regional advertisers use digital billboards to build brand awareness and reinforce existing advertising campaigns to targeted and mass audiences.
  • Flexibility – Engage and develop a dialogue with consumers through creative executions.
  • Time-Sensitive – Digital enables creative updates instantly and target desired demographic audiences with the ability to respond in real-time to current events and market conditions.
  • Reach – Impact specific geographic and demographic audiences close to the point of sale.
  • Efficient – Enhances ad spend and works synergistically with social media, print, TV, and Radio to enhance ROI.


  • Positioned on highly visible, heavy traffic locations such as highways and major roadways.

Contact Terms:

  • Digital spots can be purchased in a variety of time lengths from one day up to one year.
  • Purchased individually or in a network of digital billboards or by rating point level.

Scrolling Billboards


TVMG#1B, Tamuning. 12’ W x 7’ 6” H

Tri Vision’s Scrolling Billboard offers static messages that rotate every few seconds with typically up to seven advertisers sharing the same location. Ad messages change every 60 seconds.


  • Billboards provide high impact and exposure in a wide range of markets.
  • Builds reach within a market quickly and cost effectively.
  • Ideal for localized targeting of demographic audiences and geographic areas.
  • Stimulates sales near point-of-purchase locations.
  • Highly effective for short term campaigns that require rapid consumer attention including product and service introductions or call to action messages.


  • Widely distributed throughout major highways, surface streets and intersections.
  • Positioning around major commercial or retail centers.

Approximate Size *

  • 12’ W x 7’ 6” H

Contact Terms:

  • Purchased in 4-week periods.